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Where Ainu food, culture, and community meet —Interview of Harukor owner Teruyo Usa

Teruryo Usa interviewed by Jennifer Teeter and Takayuki Okazaki,
Long interview (extended version from KJ 83)

o matter which day of the week, Harukor, Tokyo’s sole Ainu restaurant, overflows with the laughter and chatter of its patrons. Tucked away in […]

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Christmas in Tohoku with OGA for AID

On November 25, 2014 By

Christmas in Tohoku with OGA for AID A long haul to recovery

BY JASON BARTASHIUS with research contributed by JAKE NORTHEY

What one child called a “dark wall” rising from the sea crashed down on Minami-Sanriku, destroying the city hall, and washing away everyone and everything in its path. People’s lives were turned […]

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Water — and HOPE

On September 15, 2013 By

Over the past ten years, HOPE International Development Agency Japan has been working to provide clean and sanitary water, the most basic ingredient for survival, to poverty-stricken families and communities around the world.

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