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KJ in Bookstores

On February 28, 2018 By

KJ in Bookstores

Here is a preliminary list of stockists in Japan and overseas, which we are continuing to update with addresses and maps. We will be in more overseas bookstores over the coming months!


Maruzen Tsudanuma


Kikuya Shoten Ogura
3 Chome-1-1 Kyomachi, Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture 802-0002
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Kyotographie’s theme for this year’s festival is “Love,” a sentiment that is seemingly-universal yet highly-fraught in ways that vary widely from culture to culture. The festival’s organizers do not try to reconcile the differences but rather lay out the debate in spatial and visual terms.

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Formative Memory: The Thirteenth-century Mongolian Invasions and their Impact on Japan



The grandson of the Japanese commander, a boy of 12 or 13, fired the arrow signalling the commencement of hostilities. The invaders reportedly laughed […]

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Invitation to Noh

On March 8, 2017 By

Ataka reveals an aspect of unique Japanese spirituality. While it is a challenging performance for actors that requires subtle skills instructed orally by a master, the story structure involves a powerful psychodrama, and the roles and presentation evoke the audience’s emotions directly by the senses without depending completely on the words.

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Nakagawa Shuji: Oke Maker

On September 2, 2014 By

“Grandfather at work was beautiful to watch.” Shuji remembers, “And the products he created were also splendid and of high-quality. The ideal of the Japanese woodcraft artisan is that at the final sweep of the plane, the separate elements become a single object. My grandfather was making oke that way.”

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With the human race as a whole increasingly threatened by global climate change, overpopulation and food scarcity, our very survival depends on our ability to overcome history-based animosities…

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Mekong River

On May 7, 2014 By


Today’s flowers let me inside
into their vase-shaped bodies

Today, I swim this river
with its fish and turtles
and crocodiles…

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On April 20, 2014 By


There are ninety-nine special names for God,
my son, and not so long ago I held you
newly born under a crescent moon,
and gave you the name which means servant
of God…

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The Enlightening of Aikido

On April 17, 2014 By


“Through time the student would become a better person; one who is more aware of weak points, more courageous and more honest, through a body-to-body and heart-to-heart experience…”

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