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"I don't know of any magazine where the design and content so seamlessly blend as Kyoto Journal. The English-language quarterly's circumspect cultural critique is never compromised but is in fact strengthened by the graphic design. The peaceful, stylish design is just as original and scintillating as the magazine's approach to the ideas, interviews, poems and discussions it contains... Kyoto Journal is forever looking for original ways of depicting people and life... We recommend it highly." – Marco Visscher Ode, Jan/Feb 2005 "Every issue of the Kyoto Journal is like a beautiful paperbound book, ninety-six pages of the most beautifully and straightforwardly designed magazine around. It is the unofficial English language rag of expatriate foreigners in Japan, though it tends to cover the whole of Asian culture from nation to nation. It has been around for about two decades, and no writers or artists are ever paid for their contributions, making it one of the most consistently high-quality "open source" publications anywhere..." – David Rothenberg Parabola, May 2009

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