Experience Kyoto: Iro Iro

Kyoto is a city of many layers of Japanese culture accumulated through time. The cultural experience of the people in each historical layer can be found chronicled in every corner of the city. However, we cannot help but see that modern society’s infatuation with technology and economic growth is causing the abrupt loss of these myriad memories ingrained within the city and its architecture. They are contained in fragile elements like paper, wood, and clay walls and their succession to future generations is by no means assured. We need to redevelop the mind-set and spirit with which to appreciate these qualities that make up the true nature of our culture.
— Kinoshita Ryoichi, KJ 27

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Iro Iro


Cycle Kyoto
A comprehensive source of information about bicycling in Kyoto, with a vast and varied collection of recommended routes, mapped. In English, but links may go to Japanese sites. Notable introduction to Kyoto’s “Community Cycle” system, under “Rental” menu.

Onsens Guide
Decoding Kyoto: maps and descriptions of a few good public baths.

Public baths in Kyoto
Some helpful descriptions, mostly just map locations. (Unfortunately, “super-sento” Nene-yu in Yamashina has closed).

Nishiki Shopping Street
A good directory of Kyoto’s best shotengai (dating back four centuries, some say) – well worth checking out.

Kenboko: Traditional Kyoto festivals
Key to an ancient and mostly unknown tradition; excellent research & photos; useful calendar of related events.

Templed Out in Kyoto
A well-presented shortlist of recommendations beyond the shrine/temple circuit.