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Heian-kyo Media

  Contact: heiankyo@kyotojournal.org, feedback@kyotojournal.org   For more than a quarter of a century, Kyoto Journal has cultivated a network of individuals highly respected in the worlds of publishing, design, journalism, art, visual media and beyond. In 2011, we set up Heian-kyo Media (HKM) to offer our expertise, knowledge and skills to both our local and wider communities.  


• Book and magazine editing, design, illustration and publishing • Japanese<>English translation • People Search: Whether you’re looking for a writer, skilled photographer, interpreter, or translator in Kyoto, HKM can help you.  

Recent Projects:

• Translation coordination and editing for Kyotographie International Photography Festival Catalogue 2015 and 2016 • In a Rocket Made of Ice: The Story of Wat Opot by Gail Gutradt (editing and design of original HKM limited edition 2013 and author representation for Alfred A. Knopf/Random House edition) • KYOTO: The Forest Within the Gate by John Einarsen (original publication, 2013) • Fresh Currents: Japan’s Flow from a Nuclear Past to a Renewable Future (original publication, 2012) • Doctor Stories from the Island Journals of the Legendary "Dr. Koto" by Dr. Kenjiro Setoue Trans. Jeffrey Irish (design for Science and Behavior Books) • Cover design for Japan Review (Nichibunken) • The Big Elsewhere by Robert Brady (original publication,2015)