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Our new website opens up exciting possibilities through the immediacy and expanding potential of digital publishing and multimedia. In addition to posting topical articles as online-only special features, we bring you out-of-the-ordinary videos and occasional podcasts. Our most recent postings appear on this page. For your easy reference, here’s a list that illustrates the variety of what we offer.

Step Inside the World of Noh

Exiled: A Tibetan in Kyoto

The Engaged Buddhism of Sulak Sivaraksa

Donald Richie on Buddhism and the Film

The Kids are Too Straight

Development, Identity and the Destruction of an Ancient City in Afghanistan

Fukushima’s Children

An Atmosphere of Concern:
My Summer as an Intern in the
Climate Change Group

Ghost Town: Myanmar’s New Capital

Mayumi Oda on Energy of Change, Feminization and New Birth of Japan

Zen & the Art of Rejuvenation

In Praise of Clay

The Guardians of Poet’s Mountain

Slow City Kyoto

A Minute and 100 Metres
Down the Road