Understanding Japan Bundle



UPDATED – 8 issues for just $3.80 each!

Eight vintage issues of Kyoto Journal offer a comprehensive look at multiple facets of Japanese culture.


This bundle contains eight of Kyoto Journal‘s vintage issues.

While KJ’s mission today is to further the understanding of the Asia region as a whole, the issues produced during the magazine’s early years were especially Japan-centric. Every subject imaginable, ranging from popular culture and cinema, to festivals and folklore, architecture and craft, literature and poetry, can be found gracing these pages. While the issues are certainly “vintage,” the timeless content offers essential reading for anyone seeking to understand this remarkable country, made accessible for Japanese culture enthusiasts and serious students alike.


Issues in this bundle are KJ issue 5, issue 7, issue 8, issue 9, issue 11; issue 12 and issue 13. issue 17

Available only while stocks last! We do not have the same amount of inventory for each issue, so as one goes out of stock we will replace it with a different, slightly later issue. 


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