In the Eternal Now


Overlooking Kyoto from his sacred mountain — one hand shading his eyes against the southern sun — the Bishamonten of Kurama has seen it all. Purple dawns, golden sunsets, the habitual arcs of moon and planets, seasons of rice-plantings, harvests, fire festivals…

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Shakuhachi and Zenga


The player of the Japanese bamboo flute seeks to display his spirit through musicianship—even if only in a single note, a single exhalation…

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The Joy of What’s Fleeting

The area in which I make my home, doing its best to approximate to the San Fernando Valley, has no temples or shrines or narrow winding streets of the kind, when young, I associated with the “real Japan.“

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The Mystery of Mastery

It is not a coincidence that disciples of Zen who have achieved an intuition that is spiritual and transcendental and yet strikes decisively at the very heart of the physical world, are referred to as Masters…

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Buddhism and Science


The mind is a natural bridge between science and Buddhism, for Buddhism, rather than focusing on a creator god, is based on the awareness and development of the human mind…

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Beingness Seeking To Be

The Kalachakra Empowerment Ritual was over…with between 100,000 to 150,000 people exiting the Kalachakra at once, and with trains in all directions sold out through the end of the month, here was my liberation from suffering.

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