Encounters with Japan: Asia Art Tours interviews KJ’s John Einarsen

In the two videos below: Kyoto Journal‘s founder and publisher, John Einarsen, talks to Asia Art Tours‘ Matthew Dagher-Margosian about the circumstances in which he first set foot in, and fell in love with, Japan in the 70s; his introduction to Harada Shokei and the beginnings of Kyoto Journal; and also about the technique of Miksang contemplative photography.



Asia Art Tours also published a short Q&A with Lucinda “Ping” Cowing, KJ’s director since 2017 here.

See also: Eric Johnston (The Japan Times), John Dougill (author of Kyoto: A Cultural History among other books on Japan), Susan Pavloska (Associate Editor at KJ) and John talk about foreign writing and journalism in Kyoto.

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