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Kyoto Journal is recognized worldwide for its superb print quality, embodying an essential Kyoto tradition of fine design. Since 2017 our independent, all-volunteer team has created nine beautiful print issues consecutively funded by subscriptions, book and back issue sales. Unfortunately, the impact of the pandemic forced us to publish two recent issues (KJ 98 & 99) digitally. Thanks to your kind donations we were able to print our 100th issue, “100 views of Kyoto.”

That issue sold out quickly. Its publication would not have been possible without the generous contributions of our donors, especially the Friends of Kyoto Journal, each of whom gave $100 or more:

($100+) Tuttle Publishing  •  Vemala Rajamanickam  •  Catherine Pawasarat. • Amelia Grohman (Noguchi Foundation)  •  Susan Schmidt  •  Cheryl Burghardt  Ai Kanazawa  •  Loscar Numael  •  Pico Iyer  •  Cindy Micleu  •  Gary Ashley    Nancy Inui  •  Mark Hartsuyker  •  Rebecca Arthur •  Jill Tardiff  •  Ran Adler  Larry Kyoto  •  Richard Mei  •  Eric Johnston  •   David Cooksley    Stephen Globus  •  John Dougill  •  Leanne Martin  •  Patrick and Akiko Hochner  Rebecca Otowa  •  Chihiro and Robert Yellin  •  Leslie Buck  •  Jean Downey. •. Ash Bowie  •  Tom Hawkins  •  Robert Osborne  •  Marianne Mukai •. David Cooksley  •  Jann Williams  •  Nancy Craft  •  Lauren W. Deutsch. •. Terry Hancock  •  John Mann  •  Joe Keating  •  Paul Evans  •  Ed Shorer. •. Mayumi Oda  •  Arifin Seah  •  Carol Ciavonne  •  Wendy Green  •  R. L. Einarsen  Eric Demos  •  Richard Monkman  •  Mitzie McElhaney  •  Steven Shalit. •. David Graham  •  Nakamura Masashi  •  Vernon Uchtman  •  Thomas Coan •. Robert Kowalczyk  •  Dan Du  •  Diana Wegel  •  Max Underwood  •  Amy Lai  Kirsty Henman  •  Fezah Seitz  •  Roy Shack  •  Yukiko Nara  •  Jodie Cohen    Melissa Kussman  •  Sara G. Snell  •  Marc Keane  •  Felicity Greenland •. Colette Morin  •  George Cassady  •  Fiona and Michael Karlin •. Masami Teraoka  •  Gregory Tralle  •  David Tweddle  •  Glenn Gale •. Yosui Sheriff  •  Joshua and Joyce Shapiro  •  Jeffrey Osborn  • Reggie Pawle. •. Peter Harrison  •  Chris Tar  •  Masahiro Takaishi  •  Nobie Kodama •. Nobuko Miyamoto  •  Rebecca Corbett  •  Lynn Waldman •  Richard & Pamela Brooks  •  Bruce Hamana  •  Edward Studzinski  •  Robyn Murray (and Phillip Jackson)  •  YC Lee  •  Jill Orr-Young  •  Alfred Birnbaum  •  Janet Heineck •. David Miller  • Robert van Koesveld  •  Vernon Uchtman  •  Jens Heycke. •. Debra Nakatomi  •  Catherine May  •  Yosef Wosk  •  Alexandra Ting. •. Emet Martinez  •  Judith Dovers  •  James Woodham  •  Kim Rose. •. Amy Lai  •  Edward & Masami Osborn  •  Olivier Milone  •  Marianne Mukai. •. Rhana Kozak  •  Gordon Brodfuehrer  •  Gordon Brodfuehrer for Joel Stewart. •. Anonymous lovers of KJ, Australia  •  Weiqi Ding  •  Sébastien Bourgeois • Edward W. Mudd Jr.  •  Michael Keown  •  Eric di Benedetto  •  Ingrid Toyoda


Your donation of $100 or more a year will entitle you to 1 beautiful, limited-edition print issue and first notice to order upcoming issues, as well as a listing in print and online. Corporate sponsorships and ads are available, too!

Donations help us offset the production costs, allow us to explore new publishing projects and to become financially sustainable. We are still an all-volunteer team.

With your help we can continue to make beautiful print and special digital issues in the future about our beloved Kyoto!

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