Exploring Shiga

KJ’s Anna Malpas and Minechika Endo spent the day exploring glorious Shiga, just a short train ride away from Kyoto! We were treated to some of the incredible tastes of Shiga, from the delicious Matsu no Hana sake, to a local delicacy called funazushi – a fish that has been packed in rice and fermented for up to four years.

We also enjoyed amazing views from the Biwako Terrace after an incredibly speedy trip on the Biwako Valley Ropeway. It’s hard to imagine just how huge Lake Biwa is until you stand above the clouds and look down at waters that stretch to the horizon. We’ll certainly be back!

Torii gate in the waters of Lake Biwa.

Funazushi is a traditional dish made with nigoro-buna, a fresh water fish that can be found in Lake Biwa. It is fermented for up to four years and is known, and loved, for its strong smell and vinegary taste.

Harie, also known as “The Village of living Water”, is famous for its special water supply system called, “kabata.” The fresh spring water is used for cooking and drinking.

Established in 1865, Kawashima Shuzo produces sake with clear spring water from the “kabata” and locally grown rice.

Amazing lunch at Kawashin.

Time for some great views!

Explore Shiga today with GO BIWAKO (Travel Guide of Shiga Prefecture) here:
Photos by Minechika Endo. 

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