Kyoto Journal in Magazine B

Kyoto Journal’s John Einarsen and Ken Rodgers were interviewed at Social Kitchen for the Kyoto issue of Brand Documentary Magazine (or “Magazine B”), the exciting emerging publication from South Korea.

We were thrilled to see the magazine in the flesh: it’s extremely well-presented, with attractive soft matte colouring. No. 67 features an illuminating section of present-day Kyoto stats, profiles of famous people associated with Kyoto, an excellent section profiling Go On, a very outward- and forward-looking coalition of craft makers (“Go On in Japanese can be translated as ‘gratitude for one’s elders’”; various suggested walks, food culture, bar hopping and coffee culture, a lot on ‘New Wave’ innovations in craft/design/fashion, including Kyotographie, and even a page of quotes from Kyoto Kirai by Inoue Shoichi. We could tell a lot of editorial effort went into this — all in all it’s a very comprehensive introduction to present-day Kyoto,maintaining a great balance without dwelling too much on the heritage side of things. Bravo!



You can order your copy of No. 67: KYOTO here

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