Call for Submissions: Stories from Hong Kong for KJ 97

We are currently requesting submissions of short fiction and creative non-fiction from Hong Kong to be featured in our Winter Issue No. 97, which will explore the theme of “Next Generations.”


As we approach the end of the decade, we are also at the threshold of several temporal shifts which will define a new generation. In Japan, the arrival of the Reiwa Era, the return of the Olympics, and the coming to age of the first adult generation affected by a declining birth rate are only a few of the events that will serve as historical benchmarks.


In Hong Kong, the social and political climate will define how tradition is transmitted, preserved, and reformulated as well as who is able to influence contemporary culture. With this in mind, we aim to highlight the voices of those who are passing tradition on and those of the younger generation who are taking an active role in shaping culture for the future.


Submissions should be in English between 1,500 and 2,500 words and include a short bio. Please email submissions to or mail hard copy by November 17th, 2019. While only one piece will be featured in the magazine, we will publish three further submissions on our online platform.


For over 30 years, Kyoto Journal has published a broad range of stories from Kyoto, Japan, and across Asia. We are a non-profit organization driven by the commitment of our all-volunteer staff and the support of our local and international communities. This year we have partnered with the Hong Kong International Literary Festival to help bring attention to aspiring writers and to facilitate the exchange of ideas in a global forum.



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