Partitioned Views

Kyoto, described by photographer Ben Simmons in Kyoto Gardens as, โ€œa unique treasure of concentrated beauty and spirit found nowhere else,โ€ is a good place to start an exploration of the Japanese garden.

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Kyoto Machiya Dining

Judith Clancy Machiya Restaurant Guide

Machiya, the old wooden townhouses of Kyoto, once dominated this cityโ€™s urban landscape. Long sturdy structures of simple grace, they closely lined the narrow streets of the city, their tiled rooftops rolling in waves to the surrounding hills and lapping at the edges of the great temples, shrines and villas that rose among them.

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Mapping Kyoto: An Affair of the Heart

Judith Clancy is the author of three books about Kyoto, Exploring Kyoto, Kyoto Machiya Restaurant Guide and Kyoto City of Zen. She has mapped Kyoto in words and images, enabling countless people, residents and visitors alike, to explore the exceptional cultural, historical, religious and gastronomic heritage of this city.

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