Everyone who works on KJ is an unpaid volunteer.

This is a key aspect of KJ. It’s collaborative, focused — and fun. Whatever your personal interests and skills, there is probably a way that you can contribute.

We especially look for interns who are interested in helping out with writing, designing, researching, interviewing, transcribing, and especially, helping us with work on our revitalized website. (We also have a big project under way, transferring files from old MO discs to online archive format, that we particularly need help with).

We welcome self-motivated people who can take responsibility for specific projects, according to their own interests and time availability. Previous experience is helpful but not a prerequisite. Editorial staff will advise and give feedback, so interning is a good opportunity to gain experience in a real-world but out-of-the-ordinary publishing setting.

We are eager to see Kj develop in new ways through fresh input, especially in new online media, such as podcasts, iMovie video and interactive features. If any of the above fits your interests, please don’t hesitate to contact us! (If you are in an academic program and need credit for practical experience, we can provide evaluations).

Another unusual aspect of KJ — there is no KJ office. Essentially, we work from home, so it is necessary to have an email connection and your own computer. John Einarsen’s house in Okazaki is often the venue for KJ meetings, but we use email for most of our communications. Our interns often reside here in Kyoto, but this is not vital (though being here makes it easier to be involved in KJ-related activities — and Kyoto itself is a very nurturing environment).

Apart from interning, we also welcome assistance in the form of feedback, useful contacts, and suggestions for Asia-related content — and reviews. Send in your favorite quotes by Asian writers, or suggestions for our “In Translation” feature.

We also are looking for someone who could take on the important role of handling subscriptions.

If you would like to contribute writing or visual material to KJ, please read our Submision Guidelines. We are especially interested in receiving material for our “Asian Encounters” section, whether in text, podcast or even short video.

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  1. David Dubroeucq on September 23, 2018 at 4:30 am

    Subject: Have you heard of Thailand’s “Magazine Latitudes”?

    Hello, I am David and I love Kyoto, which I visit every year now – in spring and in autumn.
    I am contacting you to let you know about a similar magazine which you might be interested in.

    The magazine is called Magazine Latitudes and is all about Thailand. I first heard of it directly from its Associate Editor, Catherine Vanesse.
    Founded by French people, the magazine is published in both French and English.
    Here’s their website (http://magazinelatitudes.com/) and Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/magazinelatitudes/).

    I was thinking: maybe you could collaborate together, with features about Thailand published in KJ and some about Kyoto/Japan in “ML”.
    But I am just suggesting this as an independent observer and reader. This is just an idea.
    I can put you in touch with Catherine, of course! She lived in Bangkok for a while and now lives in Chiang Mai, where we met.

    I am myself heading back to Kyoto in October, and will head to Chiang Mai in mid-December – same timing as last year!
    You can check my website Secret Kyoto but I haven’t put anything there since its creation – much work needed!
    Same for my IG (https://www.instagram.com/secretkyoto/), I have posted very little so far. I really want to share contents and have a posting strategy because I do have some great pics on some of Kyoto’s top hidden gems.

    I will connect with you again this autumn! I have already met John, Ken and Mizuho last spring, and I know Thierry, Hirisha and Kya.
    Looking forward to meeting you again soon,
    Best regards,

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