After 13 digital issues, KJ 89 is all paper!

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Small Buildings of Kyoto

A new KJ book featuring
Photographs of Kyoto’s
charming townscape

100 color images
by John Einarsen

Second Edition (new)

The Forest within the Gate

Poems by Edith Shiffert
Photographs by John Einarsen
With a new essay by
Margaret Chula and
additional poem by
Dennis Maloney

KJ 88

Entrepreurial Women
The New Noh
Modern Kyogen:
The Salaryman and the Office Lady

KJ 87

Japan Garden Notes
New Art from Kazahkstan
A Noh waki actor on his craft
Mayumi Oda: Sarasvati’s Gift
Nara Art Festival
Surfing in the DPRK
Haiku and Ghazals

KJ 86

Gary Snyder
Takigi Noh
Contemplative Photography
Setouchi Triennale
Design from Singapore
Hotel Okura: Last Look

KJ 85

Living with Tea
“Quiet Sitting”
Japanese Proletarian
#BCTION:Tokyo Building Art

KJ 84

An Apprentice Boat Builder in Japan
A photographic Journey to Kham
Yoko Inoue on Art and TPP
Picturing Daimonji Fire Festival
Ikebana Power
and so much more!

KJ 83: FOOD!

Four Kyoto Master Chefs on
the Meaning & Value of food
Days of Eating Earth
An Edible Food Alphabet
Food and Jainism
Wild Food
and so much more!