NEW: KJ 84

An Apprentice Boat Builder in Japan
A photographic Journey to Kham
Yoko Inoue on Art and TPP
Picturing Daimonji Fire Festival
Ikebana Power
and so much more!

WIK Writing Contest

Writers in Kyoto present
the First Annual Writing Competition

Deadline: March 1, 2016
Genre: Short Shorts
(300 words or less)

KJ 83: FOOD!

Four Kyoto Master Chefs on
the Meaning & Value of food
Days of Eating Earth
An Edible Food Alphabet
Food and Jainism
Wild Food
and so much more!


The Big Elsewhere
Views from a Mountainside

A new book by long-time
KJ contributor Robert Brady

The Garden View

An interview with visual artist Jacqueline Hassink on View, Kyoto, her photographic masterwork on Kyoto’s temple gardens

Tibetan Butter Tea & Pink Gin

Ann Tashi Slater weaves a fascinating tale of her Tibetan grandmother, in Raj-era India.
From KJ 83, FOOD!


Ashoka’s Edicts
Feminist Pioneer Kazue Shidzue
Photo-artist Yasu Suzuka
Contemporary Katazome Dyeing
Echigo-Tsumari Art Field & Satoyama
Poetry: Remembering Viet Nam

Article 9 and Japan's Future

FROM KJ 72, 2008

IKURO ANZAI, former Director of the Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University, and JOHAN GALTUNG, founder of the Transcend Peace Network, discuss the meaning of Article 9 for Japan and the world.

The Crisis of Japanese Democracy

Citizens need to have free and open access to unbiased information

by Jonathan Augustine