NEW: KJ 88

Entrepreurial Women
The New Noh
Modern Kyogen:
The Salaryman and the Office Lady

KJ 87

Japan Garden Notes
New Art from Kazahkstan
A Noh waki actor on his craft
Mayumi Oda: Sarasvati’s Gift
Nara Art Festival
Surfing in the DPRK
Haiku and Ghazals

KJ 86

Gary Snyder
Takigi Noh
Contemplative Photography
Setouchi Triennale
Design from Singapore
Hotel Okura: Last Look

KJ 85

Living with Tea
“Quiet Sitting”
Japanese Proletarian
#BCTION:Tokyo Building Art

KJ 84

An Apprentice Boat Builder in Japan
A photographic Journey to Kham
Yoko Inoue on Art and TPP
Picturing Daimonji Fire Festival
Ikebana Power
and so much more!

KJ 83: FOOD!

Four Kyoto Master Chefs on
the Meaning & Value of food
Days of Eating Earth
An Edible Food Alphabet
Food and Jainism
Wild Food
and so much more!


Ashoka’s Edicts
Feminist Pioneer Kazue Shidzue
Photo-artist Yasu Suzuka
Contemporary Katazome Dyeing
Echigo-Tsumari Art Field & Satoyama
Poetry: Remembering Viet Nam

KJ 81


Peaceful Afghanistan
Creating Kyotographie
A Kyoto Bucket Maker
Yellow House Jalalabad
Fire, Clay, Community
Poet Cid Corman