Kyoto Journal 86

Published July 25th, 2016

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KJ 86 chronicles an eye-opening array of creative endeavors in Asia and beyond, spanning a wide range of media, to provide new insights and inspiration:

Trevor Carolan interviews eminent poet and essayist Gary Snyder, now in his 86th year, about his latest book, mostly on China; David Billa shares introduces the 2016 twelve-island Setouchi Triennale, while Robert Fouser discovers a Japanese art renaissance in New York…

Elle Murrell asks the founders of the Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography to reflect on their first workshop in Asia; Pedro Medeiros is one of only two photographers authorized to shoot Kyoto’s fire-lit Takigi Noh performance, for the first in a series of special articles on Noh by Toyoshima Mizuho. Celebrity photographer Russel Wong bids farewell to Tokyo’s iconic Hotel Okura; Sophie Wright’s photographs take us to a hot afternoon in Mumbai; Lucinda Cowing interviews the Singapore-based designers behind Lanzavecchia + Wai; Egyptian poet Yahia Labadibi re-engages with the ancient art of aphorism; Margaret Chula and Michael Dylan Welch meditate on haiku, and Taeyin ChoGlueck pens new fiction…

Dana Silberstein recounts a US Navy Pearl Harbor veteran’s passion for bonsai; poet Xue Di discovers a passage to heaven. Bill Clements profiles Dr. Nagai Takashi, author of The Bells of Nagasaki; Sheila Filler revisits a high school essay she wrote about Hiroshima in 1958. Translator Cathy Hirano discusses translating children’s fiction (including Nahoko Uehashi’s popular Moribito series); Anna Mehta introduces a joint music project linking elementary schools in Nara and Wales; Jinny Koh recalls childhood memories of her family’s maid in Singapore; Ophelia Yuting Ji seeks spatial justice for foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong,
Plus a wide range of reviews…


Checking Out: The Final Days of Hotel Okura
Photographs by Russel Wong

Upholding Lightness —
An Interview with Francesca Lanzavecchia and Hunn Wai of Lanzavecchia + Wai
Lucinda Cowing

The Art of Island Time
David Billa

“Japan” as Artistic Inspiration in New York City
Robert J. Fouser

Unbridled Perception —
An interview with Miksang Founders Michael Wood and Julie Dubose
Elle Murrell

Maid, to Love
Jinny Koh

Seeking Spatial Justice: Foreign Domestic Workers in Hong Kong
and the Design of Public Space
Ophelia Yuting Ji

Invitation to Noh: Kyoto Takigi Noh
Mizuho Toyoshima

Choose Your Own Adventure
Taeyin ChoGlueck

The Great Clod — An interview with Gary Snyder in Sakura Time
Trevor Carolan

Sitting in the Sun
Xue Di
A Short Selection of Aphorisms on Art, Morality and Spirit
Yahia Lababidi
Finding the Sky
Michael Dylan Welch
Meditation on Sarasoju
Margaret Chula

A Translator for Children
Avery Fischer Udagawa and Cathy Hirano

Those Hot Mumbai Minutes
Sophie Wright
American Bonsai: Life by a Thousand Cuts
Dana Silberstein
Cold War Modern and the Nagasaki Triptych
Bill Clements
Sheila Filler

“We Speak Different Languages, But We are Friends”
Anna Mehta

Deep Field Images of the Night Sky
in Relation to the Rest of My Life
Robert Brady


Small Buildings of Kyoto— Photography Competition Winners

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