This Very Moment


A new book of Miksang contemplative photographs by John Einarsen

Text by John Einarsen; translation my Mitsue Nagase


This Very Moment — A new book of Miksang contemplative photographs taken over the past decade by Kyoto Journal founding editor John Einarsen

Photographs and text by John Einarsen; translation by Mitsue Nagase

“John Einarsen’s images describe a journey of learning to pay attention to what is before us, to see beyond the obvious to a transcendent essence, and finally to return to the here and now with a new awareness. Isn’t that the ultimate purpose of visual art, or of meditation?” —Allan Mandell

This Very Moment is a collection of color photographs taken by John Einarsen over the past decade that are based on his studies in Miksang Contemplative Photography. “Miksang” means “good eye” or “pure eye” in Tibetan. This unique approach to “seeing” was first developed by Michael Wood around 1980; it aims to see the world directly. To do this we have to dissolve our dependence on concepts, labels, memories, or associations—and meet the world head on. Then we experience seeing with heart. This is the first photography book to introduce the Miksang approach in Japan.


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John Einarsen was born in Denver, Colorado, and has resided in Kyoto over 40 years. He has studied Miksang Contemplative Photography for over ten years. His photography books include Kyoto: The Forest Within the Gate (2014), Small Buildings of Kyoto Vol I & II (2017, 2018), and Curtain Motif (2021). He is the founding editor and publisher of the quarterly Kyoto Journal (1987 to present).