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Where Ainu food, culture, and community meet —Interview of Harukor owner Teruyo Usa

Teruryo Usa interviewed by Jennifer Teeter and Takayuki Okazaki,
Long interview (extended version from KJ 83)

o matter which day of the week, Harukor, Tokyo’s sole Ainu restaurant, overflows with the laughter and chatter of its patrons. Tucked away in […]

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The sheer lack of general information in English on the indigenous peoples of Hokkaido (formerly known as Ezo) and this book’s focus on two endangered intangible aspects of human survival – ecology and culture – attracted me. But this is no travelogue of pretty pictures and nifty rituals.

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Nagane Aki: Keeper of Tradition
Interview by Akazawa Atsushi, Kawabe Yuka and Jacoba Akazawa
A slim lady wearing oak-coloured clothes draws a tiny bamboo instrument to her mouth, holding it with one hand and gently vibrating it with the other. Haunting sounds fill the air like spirits drawn by the wind. Then, out of a sudden silence, the story begins.

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Matsuri, Gods and the Land

On June 8, 2012 By


I first visited Shiromi in the late 60s and I was surprised by what I saw. Here was a community in this modern era still practicing a culture that deeply reflected the hunting customs of the Jomon era.

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