Cappan Studio Cotoincho Notebook “The Inari Kids”



A beautiful letter-press printed notebook designed by Kyoto-based artists.

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Kyoto is a special city with a lot of history, where the culture and arts flourish. For this work I was inspired by Fushimi Inari Shrine and the importance of the Inari Fox in Japanese culture. I often saw in various festivals children dressed in Inari costume. The use in my work of the Inari together with the Torii Gate represents the famous Fushimi Inari trails.

—Jonathan Katz


Once a year, Kyoto’s Cappan Studio collaborates with local artists and designers on its series of accordion-style Cotoincho Notebooks (こと印帳), asking them to produce a cover drawing on their own unique perspectives of the landscape and monuments of Japan’s ancient capital. The notebooks are then printed using the letterpress method.

This year, Cappan Studio called on a group of  foreign designers living and working in Kyoto, among them staff and contributors to Kyoto Journal. Now, we are sharing their beautiful work with you! The notebook’s high quality art paper makes it perfect for journalling, stamping (even as a goshuincho), calligraphy and, of course, recording your precious Kyoto memories!


About the Artist


Born in Tel Aviv, Jonathan Katz is an illustrator and creator of graphic novels. Having relished the opportunity to live in Kyoto, he has recently left to start his Masters degree at the Royal College of Arts in London. He is a contributor to the Osaka-based Kamihikouki Magazine.




Based in Fushimi in southern Kyoto, Cappan Studio is devoted to the promotion of letterpress (kappan in Japanese) as a timeless printing technique and craft, in particular through events and workshops. A labour-intensive art that has been pushed aside in favour of more efficient printing methods in recent years, Cappan believes wholeheartedly in the universal appeal of letterpress and need to preserve it for generations to come.


12x14cm, 44 pages in accordion style

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