Kyoto Journal Issue 41 (SOLD OUT)


Donald Richie on 50 years in Japan
The inspiration behind Princess Mononoke
Buddhism and poverty
Shima Spain Village

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Donald Richie has lived for 50 years in Tokyo, published over 30 books on diverse aspects of Japanese culture, and is particularly respected for his writings on cinema. He was interviewed for this issue by Janet Poccoroba. A special 20-page section centers on auteur director Miyazaki Hayao‘s animated movie “Mononoke-hime” (released Fall ’99 in the US as “Princess Mononoke“), with a translation of a recent panel discussion on “Anime + Animism,” between Miyazaki Hayao, eminent Kyoto philosopher Umehara Takeshi, historian Amino Yoshihiko, Buddhist priest Kosaka Seiryu, and cartoonist Makino Seiji. Also included is an excerpt from a new book on Miyazaki by anime authority Helen McCarthy; and Sato Kenji‘s illuminating essay “More Animated than Life,” on why life in Japan imitates animation. Pico Iyer meditates on a sumi-e painting by his friend, Kyoto artist Michael Hoffman, in “Michael’s Muse.” David Loy employs standard Buddhist questions regarding suffering to explore the not-so-theoretical implications of “Buddhism and Poverty.” Matthew Marr looks into homelessness in Kobe; Bruce Caron finds more than meets the eye in leisure resort Shima Spain Village; Torii Yusuke revisits the early days of jazz in Japan; Robert Brady marvels at the phenomenon of Japanese TV “talento.” KJ 41 also features fiction by Samantha Lierens, reviews, letters, a tribute to Allen Ginsberg by Morgan Gibson, and “Encounters,” a new section of first-hand experiences of our readers residing in Asia.


China: West Lake Story– James H. Spear
Philippines: Life in the Stuck Lane – Silvia L. Mayuga


Freedom within Bounds: Donald Richie on his half century in Japan – Janet Pocorobba
Michael’s Muse – Pico Iyer
More Animated than Life: Ethnic bleaching in Japanese anime – Sato Kenji
Anime + Animism: A round-table discussion of the history and philosophies that shaped the film Princess Mononoke by Miyazaki Hayao, Kosaku Seiryu, Amino Yoshihiko, Umehara Takeshi, Makino Keiji
Princess Mononoke: Dazzling Contradictions – Helen McCarthy
Buddhism and Poverty – David R. Loy
Philosophizing in the Void: Guru Death Embraces Allen Ginsberg (1926-97) – Morgan Gibson
Prime Time – Robert Brady
Down and Out in Kobe – Matthew Marr
Shima Spain Village – Bruce Caron
From Syncopation to Occupation – Torii Yusuke
A Bee in Their Bonnets – Samantha Lieren
Kings With Straw Mats, a film by Ira Cohen — John Brandi
Traces of Dreams: Landscape, Cultural Memory, and the Poetry of Basho, by Haruo Shirane — Morgan Pitelka
Wandering Ghost: The Odyssey of Lafcadio Hearn, by Thomas Cott — Marc P. Keane
Ravine and Other Stories, by Yoshikichi Furui, trans Meredith McKinney — David Zmijewskie
Mirror of Modernity, Ed. Stephen Vlastos — Bruce Caron

Cover Image: Donald Richie, by Everett Brown
published July 25, 1999


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