Kyoto Journal Issue 61



Yoko Tawada on “Is Europe Western?”
The World’s Leading Consumer
Japan’s Nuclear Nightmare
Night of the Bush Clover
Natsume Soseki’s 1903 Bicycle Diary

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At 10:35 a.m., local media and Tokaimura residents began receiving the first sketchy reports of radiation leaking at a Tokaimura fuel conversion plant. Three workers in the plant had used an ordinary aluminum bucket to pour a uranium mixture into a settling tank, an amount that far exceeded safety limits and caused a nuclear chain reaction. – Eric Johnston, Japan’s Nuclear Nightmare

Having spent his adult life engaged in perhaps the most wide-ranging literary research ever conducted, with a head full of knowledge and insights from every corner of the globe, Soseki was ready to come out fighting. Taking even the most mundane subject — learning to ride a bicycle — Soseki was able to transform it into something of intense complexity, wit and symbolism, making reference to everything from The Tale of Heike to Chinese poems as his alter ego comically falls and bruises himself. – Natsume Soseki, translated by Damian Flanagan, Bicycle Diary 1903

We understood that they were going through a crisis we could feel in our hearts as Jews. It was resonant with our history — losing your homeland, your temple, being oppressed by a great empire. The issue has been “How do we survive all this?” Really, the Jewish question for the Dalai Lama was, “Okay, you have a wonderful tradition, but how will you preserve it and survive this current difficulty?” And the question to Jews from the Tibetan Buddhist point of view was, “What does your religion do for your inner life?” In a way, it’s almost a reversal. – Rodger Kamenetz, interviewed by Jean Miyake Downey & Yehudit Kornberg Greenberg, Revisiting the Jewish-Tibetan Dialogue



“Is Europe Western?” – Tawada Yoko
The World’s Leading Consumer – Lester Young
Blogology 101– Robert Brady
Hagi Night – Ellis Avery
“The Province of Color” & “Tenkei Taihei” – Beverly Effinger
Painting Cambodia for Judy – Karen Coates
In Translation:
Bicycle Diary 1903– Natsume Soseki, translated by Damian Flanagan
Being-Here – Paul Kohl (photo-essay)
In the Land of Reclining Buddhas – John Brandi
On Entering the Blogosphere – Ken Rodgers
The Spirit of Magic and the Magic of Spirit – Ken Rose
The Four Treasures – Christine Flint-Sato
Seeking Greater Understanding Through Senga – Linda Shimoda
Camera Unleashed – Markuz Wernli-Sato
The Tattered Kimono– Kim Myong-Hee
Sato Kazuo Sensei – Patricia Donegan
Revisiting the Jewish-Tibetan Dialogue – Rodger Kamenetz, interviewed by Jean Miyake Downey & Yehudit Kornberg Greenberg
Lightning Storm Over Calcutta – Mark Mordue


Kanji for Designers, by Shogo Oketani & Leza Lowitz — Gregory Dunne
The Koto: A Traditional Instrument in Contemporary Japan, by Henry Johnson — Catherine Pawasarat
Walk the Talk, by David Wong & Stephan White — Ken Rodgers
The Single Tone: A Personal Journey into Shakuhachi Music, by Christopher Yohmei Bladel — Preston Houser
Poems from Ish River Country: Collected Poems & Translations, by Robert Sund — John Brandi
The Fourth Treasure, by Todd Shimoda — Deidre May
The Way to Paradise, by Mario Vargas Llosa — James Dalglish

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published September 20, 2005


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