Shogado maiko card



A charming message card featuring Kyoto’s favorite resident maiko-han

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Shogado Kyoto is a maker of fine Japanese washi paper products and stationery.

This delightful message card has the design of an apprentice geisha in all her finery!

*Please note each card design is unique and may differ slightly from that pictured.

8 x 15.50 cm

¥400 (approx US$3.50) Need a currency converter? Use this one

Shipping within Japan is free. But the price excludes Japanese sales tax.

Shipping to the North America/Europe/Oceania/Asia: ¥150 (about US$1.30). We’re sorry to say that due to unreliable postal systems in Africa and South America we can only offer tracked mail by EMS, which is rather more expensive. Please contact us.