Classic KI NO BI Cocktails by Dave Broom


(US$19.50) A book produced by Kyoto Journal for the Kyoto Distillery, the makers of the award-winning KI NO BI gin.

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“While gin distilling was not unknown in the country, the template had always been low-cost, London Dry styles. The idea of making a premium gin, using Japanese botanicals was unheard of. It would take a shift in public opinion (and palate) as well as a bold decision by a new producer to show that it was possible.”

Delve into the world of The Kyoto Distillery, awarded the IWSC Trophy for International Gin Producer of the Year in 2019, and its flagship gin, KI NO BI, the first to be made in the ancient capital of Japan and intricately crafted from a selection of Japanese botanicals such as yuzu citrus, gyokuro green tea and sansho peppercorns. For this book, produced by Kyoto Journal, the Kyoto Distillery called upon 15 of the world’s most acclaimed bartenders to come up with their own special take on the classic gin cocktail.




  • KI NO BI
    • The Team
    • The KI NO BI Story
    • Why is KI NO BI Different?
    • Balance
    • Aromas and Provenance
    • A Day in the Tea Garden
    • Konwa: Blending
  • KI NO BI Cocktails
    • A Template for Creativity
    • Kissy Suzuki Martini
      by Alessandro Palazzi (Dukes Hotel, London)
    • Yellow Submarine Negroni
      by Agostino Perrone (Connaught Hotel, London)
    • Flying Solo
      by Brian Silva (Rules, London)
    • KI NO BI Gi and Ti
      by Naren Young (Dante, NYC)
    • Gin Sling
      by 上野 秀嗣 (Bar High Five, Tokyo)
    • Letter Not Sent
      by Alex Kratena (P(OUR), London)
    • Winter Wonderland
      by 西田 稔 (Bar K6, Kyoto)
    • New Forest Bramble
      by Mia Johansson (Swift Bar, London)
    • Kyoto Lady
      by 坪倉 健児 (Rocking Chair, Kyoto)
    • The Bronx, Reinvigorated
      by Frank Caiafa (formerly Handlebars, now The Stayton Room at The Lexington NYC)
    • Ada Ode: a KI NO BI Hanky Panky
      by Tess Posthumus (Flying Dutchmen Cocktails, Amsterdam)
    • KI NO BI Clover Club
      by Julie Reiner (Clover Club, Brooklyn)
    • Kyoto Gardens
      by Christophe Rossi (L’Escamoteur, Kyoto)
    • Bee’s Knees à la KI NO BI
      by Ryan Chetiyawardana (White Lion, London)
    • Wabi Sabi 75
      by Monica Berg (Tayēr + Elementary, London)

Cover by KIRA KARACHO, Kyoto karakami atelier est 1624.




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