Kyoto Journal Issue 26



The Builders of Kamagasaki
Interview with Director Oguri Ken’ichi
Aileen Mioko Smith on Japan’s Plutonium Future
Where Europe Begins
Holy Joe: An Adaptation of an Isse Ogata Play

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Monologist, television and film actor, short story writer, illustrator, Isse Ogata is a renaissance man in the stratified world of Japanese arts. On stage, his breadth and depth are unparallelled and his artistry shows the marks of genius: original, immediately recognizable, and impossible to imitate. In the live performances which vaulted him to fame, Ogata introduces a human zoo inhabited by society’s male dropouts and down-and-outs: the failed salesman, unhappy lover, lecherous teacher, panhandler, ex-husband, lonely civil servant, workaholic father… A few of them keep reappearing as familiar friends, serial players in the lonely-hearts club band: the acerbic Bartender, the unemployed Man with the Eyebrows, the Born-again Evangelist. But most Ogata characters are one-timers, destined to make a quick, often indelible mark on an audience and never to return.

— Jonah Salz, Everyman with a Thousand Faces



Everyman With a Thousand Faces – Jonah Salz
Holy Joe – An Adaptation of an Isse Ogata Play by Duncan Hamilton
Yoru no Hito no Uchi no Kanshi no Iriguchi – Michael Melcher
Where Europe Begins – Yoko Tawada
Deleuzions – Bruce R. Caron
Mozart Requiem K626 – Kanayama Akira
Builder of Japan: The Day Laborers of Kamagasaki– Tom Wagner & Wolfgang Herbert
Looking Good: On the Road With Suzhou Storytellers– Mark Bender
Roots of Infinity – An Interview with Director Oguri Ken’ichi, by John Einarsen
On Japan’s Plutonium Future: Aileen Mioko Smith and “Stop the Monju!” – Ken Rodgers
Returning to Ceremony: American Indian Leader Dennis Banks – Brian Covert
Kyoto Bell Pepper Blues– John Hart Bensen JR.
The Cloud of God – Robert Brady
Borobudur, Golden Tales of the Buddhas, by John Miksic, photographs by Marcello Tranchini — James Robson
Flowing Traces: Buddhism in the Literary and Visual Arts of Japan , Ed. James Sanford, William LaFleur, and Masatoshi Nagatomi — Preston L. Houser

Cover Image by Takeda Yoshifumi
published April 1, 1994


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