Kyoto Journal Issue 42



Meeting Emperor Meiji
Time, Trance and Dance in Bali
Pregnant Time
Pico Iyer on “All the Times in the World”
Japanese Times of Year

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In Kyoto, the past is sometimes so strongly present that it seems more real than what’s here-and-now — this sudden glittering synthetic dream, this alien cabled web of metal, concrete, glass, asphalt. To almost every previous generation living beside the ceaselessly flowing Kamogawa, today’s city and its lifestyle would have been wholly unimaginable. We reside in only one of old Kyoto’s infinite number of possible futures. With hindsight, always the illusion of inevitability. Looking forward, the illusion of absolute freedom of choice. This paradox is just one of the great mysteries of Time.



Indonesia: An Unreported Economic Boom– Lea Jellinek
Korea: The Confucian Time Warp– Hal Gold
Japan: Meeting Emperor Meiji– Harold Wright
Time– Ken Rodgers
Time, Trance and Dance in Bali– John Brandi
Japanese Times of the Year– Sally McLaren
On Translating the Emperor Meiji’s Clock Poem – Harold Wright
The Clock and the Perfect Society – Antonino Forte
Departures, Returns– Bruce Allen
The Speed Merchants – Wolfgang Sachs
Pregnant Time– Toyoshima Mizuho
Images of Time– Photographs by Linda Connor, Hoshikawa Kuyo, Edward Levinson, Albie Sharpe and David Culton
The Art of the Moment– Joaninha
Currents– Marc Peter Keane
A Requiem for What We Once Had– Poetry by Edith Shiffert
Time of the Dragon– Philip Grant
Time-bombing the Biosphere– Rita Dixit-Kubiak
Archaic Revival– Kathy Arlyn Sokol interviews Terence McKenna
Friday, 11:02 pm: Ginroku’s Meter is Running – F. J. Logan
Chiaki Stays Home– Steven Redford
The Best Sellers of 1857 – Robert Brady
Philosophizing in the Void: Timing the NonZen Poet of Yokohama– Morgan Gibson

A Question of Journey: Travel Episodes: India, Nepal, Thailand & Bali, by John Brandi — Preston L. Houser
A Zigzag Joy: The Bilingual Anthology of Contemporary Japanese Poetry, Ed. Kijima Hajime — Rebecca Dosch
Makiko’s Diary: A Merchant Wife in 1910 Kyoto, by Nakano Makiko, trans. Kazuko Smith — David Stowe
Makiko’s New World, A film version of the above diary, produced and written by David W. Plath — David Stowe
In the Empire of Dreams

Cover Image: Total eclipse of the sun, April 16, 1893 by James Schiaberle
published December 12, 1999


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