Kyoto Journal Issue 52



The Mystery of Mastery
Photographer Yoshinaga Masayuki on Bosozoku
The Art of Setting Stones
Synthetic Dreams: The Art of Mariko Mori
Sculptor Sudo Hisao

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I’ve been taking pictures of bosozoku (members of motorcycle gangs and hot-rodders) for over seven years now. They are different from what people generally think of as bosozoku. If you actually talk to them face to face you find that their behaviour is quite animal-like in terms of reflex and instincts. Japan can’t handle their wild behaviour! I think you can’t just describe them as violent – there is something more to them than that. I take pictures of bosozoku because I want to send a message that we should reform society first, before criticizing them. Through my pictures I want people to know what is real. – Sally McLaren, No Apologies! Photographer Yoshinaga Masayuki on bosozoku , yakuza, Asian gaijin, and his life 

I was extremely influenced by two visits to North Vietnam, especially the first in 1968. I witnessed first-hand how an entire way of life, a low-tech, agricultural society, was in danger of being completely destroyed by the high-tech weaponry of the American military machine. It raised all kinds of moral questions in my mind. The vast majority of the Vietnamese were simple peasants who believed they were fighting a war of national liberation. Yet their tiny villages, and their pristine landscape of green forests and rice paddies, were being subjected to a kind of mass destruction I could not have imagined had I not gone there. – Philip Grant, Robert Falk on Militarization, Globalization, Peace, and Citizen-Pilgrims (with photos of sculptures by Lim Ok-Sang)


The Mystery of Mastery – Dustin Leavitt
The Art of Setting Stones – Marc P. Keane
For a Place of Refuge – David Greer
Wine Through Water – Lynda Philippsen
No Apologies! Photographer Yoshinaga Masayuki on bosozoku yakuza, Asian gaijin, and his life – Sally McLaren
Robert Falk on Militarization, Globalization, Peace, and Citizen-Pilgrims – Philip Grant (with photos of sculptures by Lim Ok-Sang)
Kondo Tadashi & The United Nations of Renku – Patricia Donegan
Throwing My Life Away – Gregory Dunne
A Voice Lost, A Voice Found – Hauquan Chau
Small World: Beijing’s Mini Twin Towers – Philip Cunningham
Going North – With Reservations -– Valerie Perry
Can Man – Catherine Whyte
Celebrating the 4th, Lao Style – Noy Thrupkaew
Sex and Flat Tires – Robert Brady
Bug Vol.5 “Oegugin” Foreigners and Foreign Culture in Korea, Ed. Scott Burgeson— Sally McLaren
World Food – Japan, by John Ashburne — Eric Gower
Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics, by Alan Hunt Badiner & Alex Grey— Lauren W. Deutsch All Worldly Pursuits, by Hillel Wright — David Cozy

Cover Image by Odera Akira
published December 20, 2002


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