Kyoto Journal Issue 62



Gary Snyder on the War Against Nature
A Vietnamese Barber
Ganga: Sacred River, Dying River
Migrating Genius: The Art of Jack Madson
North Korea: When Less is More

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On the 24th day of the 4th month of the year 819, Han Yu, Governor of Chao-zhou (Canton), instructed his officer Qin Ji to take one sheep and one pig and hurl them into the deep waters of the river Wu as an offering for the crocodiles. When the crocodiles had gathered, Han Yu addressed them in the following manner… – Trans. Eliot Weinberger, Han Yu’s Address to the Crocodiles 

Hindu believers continue, as they have for millennia, to express absolute trust in the Ganga’s holiness and purity, traveling thousands of kilometers to bathe in its waters and have their sins washed out of them, but now, day after day, unprecedented amounts of human, industrial and agricultural wastes are poured into it. Revering it one moment; standing by and permitting it to be desecrated the next. Is this duality a part of Shiva’s dance? – Lee Frank, Sacred River, Dying River 

How many times have I joined Jack Madson here at his home by this forested river gorge — how many pilgrimages to Felton, California since Jack left Kyoto two decades ago? I’ve lost count, but on every occasion, atop the discovery of new directions in his paintings, I’ve found him absorbed in fresh endeavors. Now in his seventy-ninth year, Jack Madson is as ever a man in whom life is superabundant. – Stewart Wachs, Migrating Genius: The Art & Life of Jack Madson 



You Are the Eyes of the World– Photos by Ed Heckerman
Han Yu’s Address to the Crocodiles – Trans. Eliot Weinberger
“Absence” – Jim Nawrocki
“Dry Summer” – Beverley Effinger
“Listen” – Amy Uyematsu (Accompanied by saltwater drawings – Reinhard Gfeller)
Sacred River, Dying River – Lee Frank
Drought Warriors – Freny Manecksha, Women’s News Service, India
Metamorphoses of a Goddess– Catherine Ludvik
Migrating Genius: The Art & Life of Jack Madson – Stewart Wachs
The Cartoonist and the Poet – Colleen Sheils


India: Lusting After the Bodhi Tree – R.T.
North Korea: When Less Is More – Philip J. Cunningham
Japan: Kissing the World “Buy, Buy” (Aichi Green Expo) – Jaykub Jacob Young
In Translation:
Cloudburst– Fujisawa Shuhei, Trans. and commentary by Gary Alderson
Syria Through Japanese Eyes – Text & photographs by Miyagawa Yasuhiro, adapted from a translation by Hirayama Emi & Nina Manzo
Ten Baht – Court Merrigan
Setsubun Girl – Ellis Avery
Tokyo Nights, by Donald Richie — David Cozy
Danger on Peaks, by Gary Snyder — Roy Hamric
Mountains & Rivers Without End, (CD) by Gary Snyder — Preston Houser
Istanbul, Memories and the City; Snow; My Name Is Red, by Orhan Pamuk — James Dalglish
Istanbul: Memories and the City by Orhan Pamuk — Mark Mordue
Opening The Hand Of Thought, by Uchiyama Koshu — Sherry Nakanishi
Stone Bow Prayer, by Amy Uyematsu — Ellis Avery
Pathways, Water Shed by Edith Shiffert, Rene Gregorio — Stephen Gill
Enhaiklopedia, Ed. Stephen Henry Gill — Martin Lucas
Old Kyoto: A Guide to Traditional Shops, Restaurants and Inns, by Diane Durston — Deidre May
The Time in Between, by David Bergen — Lynda Philippsen
A Diary of Darkness , by Kiyosawa Kiyoshi — David W. Stowe
Jahnon – Seyed Alevi

Cover Photographs by Jack Madson
published May 30, 2006


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