100 Views of Kyoto — A Tribute


Kyoto Journal’s celebratory 100th Issue!
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Now available as a PDF with 18 new articles. Purchase HERE.

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Kyoto Journal’s celebratory 100th Issue! Now available as a PDF with 18 new articles. 

Purchase here

A beautiful special issue printed by Kyoto’s SunM, publisher of beautiful museum catalogs and art books. Publication date: September 10, 2021

We’ve tapped regular and new Kyoto Journal contributors, including long-time residents and cultural experts, as well as international poets, writers, photographers and others to create a fresh collection of viewpoints, voices, reminiscences, personal accounts, sketches, photographs, and historical and literary quotes evoking the unique spirit of KJ’s hometown and inspiration, Kyoto.

Writers include Leslie Buck, Judith Clancy, Liza Dalby, Thomas Daniell, Lauren W. Deutsch, John Dougill, Diane Durston, Hal Gold, Garrett Hongo, Preston Houser, Mark Hovane, Pico Iyer, Richard Jones, Marc Keane, Alex Kerr, Catherine Ludvik, Peter MacIntosh, Stephen Mansfield, John McGee, Meredith McKinney, Chris Mosdell, Gunter Nitschke, Catherine Pawasarat, Roger Pulvers, Bernd Schellhorn, Edith Schiffert, Gary Snyder, Edward J. Taylor, Allen Weiss, and Robert Yellin.

Photographers and artists include Stuart Ayre, Sarah Brayer, Everett Kennedy Brown, Peter Burge, William Corey, Andrew Curry, Lane Diko, John Einarsen, Stuart Gibson, Jaqueline Hassink, Patrick Hochner, Hirata-Miyakawa Hikaru Kai Fusayoshi, Joe Keating, Robert van Koesveld, Alan Mandell, Alex Mankiewicz, Hirisha Mehta, Kit Pancoast Nagamura, Vince Ng, Sophie Pulkus, Daniel Sofer, Joel Stewart, and Russel Wong.

All contributors illuminate and highlight aspects of a city that is almost indefinable in its diversity. We believe you’ll find at least a hundred (and probably more) different reasons to enjoy this special immersive issue—wherever you are in these crazy pandemic times.

KJ 100 will be available in bookstores in Japan later, as long as supplies last.


Cover Price: ¥2,100

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As always, we thank you for your support of Kyoto Journal’s award-winning journalism and our nonprofit all-volunteer effort.