Kyoto Journal Issue 72



Article 9 & Japan’s Future
Japan’s Peacemaker, Shidehara Kijuro
Post-War Art Under the Japanese Peace Constitution
The New Peace Museums

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With more than 60 years of hindsight, and the planet’s cultures evolving toward unprecedented levels of interdependence, complexity and integration, both economically and systemically, it is clear that war as a political solution is obsolete. Yet war can still stupidly break out. And as someone once said, “Winning a war is like winning an earthquake.”— John Einarsen & Jean Miyake Downey, The Power of an Ideal

I think of modernism itself as negentropy (saving information in an efficient way). This negentropy of modernism appears as the microchip, nuclear power plants, or nuclear weapons. These are examples of the mindset of modernism that reached its zenith in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. — Jean Miyake Downey talks to Watanabe Shinya, Into the Atomic Sunshine: Post-War Art Under Japanese Peace Constitution Article 9 

“Technically, writing and telling stories is traditional in all cultures: it’s probably built into our DNA that they have rising action that leads to a violent climax. We all love that sense of drama, that frightening climax. Well, I got to thinking ‘can we write a story in which this climax is non-violent and still be exciting?’ ” – Trevor Carolan, “ And So Make Peace.. ” Maxine Hong Kingston Talks Story



My Pacific War on the Hidaka Plain — Tsumura Yumiko
The Power of an Ideal— John Einarsen & Jean Miyake Downey
Japan’s Peacemaker, Shidehara Kijuro and the Origins of Article 9; An interview with Peace Historian Klaus Schlictmann —Jean Miyake Downey
Definind the Debate on Constitutional Revision and Peacekeeping; An Interview with Prof. Murata Koji —Susan Pavloska and John Einarsen
Collective Insecurities — Paul Scott
Into the Atomic Sunshine: Post-War Art Under Japanese Peace Constitution Article 9 — Jean Miyake Downey talks to Watanabe Shinya
Article 9 and Japan’s Future — Anzai Ikuro and Johan Galtung on cultivating Article 9
How to Make Article 9 Global— Klaus Schlictmann
Shared Thoughts on Article 9: Revisiting a Landmark Peace Program
Transforming Tragic Memories Into Peaceful Strength; Syed Sikander Mehdi on Japan’s role in the world — Paul Scott
The New Peace Museums — Wai Yee
Clarity Compassion Peace — Patricia Donegan
The Sutras of Abu Ghraib — Aidan Delgado
Becoming a Pacifist in Iraw: An Interview with Aidan Delgado— John Einarsen
“ And So Make Peace.. ” Maxine Hong Kingston Talks Story— Trevor Carolan
Kachin Independence: The Ak or the PC? — Tim Patterson and Ryan Libre
Vegetable Weapons – Ozawa Tsuyoshi
Varanasi – Gail Gutradt
What the Japanese Heard, What We Heard About the Japanese – Rachel Rose
Wrestling with Myths — Trevor Carolan
In Translation
Rainbow Over Hell — Mori Tsuneyuki
My Grandfather’s Robe— Aekyong Moore

Just Deeds:
Collateral Repair for Collateral Damage: International grassroots network helps displaced Iraqis rebuild their lives, one project at a time – Kimberly Hughes

The Smell of Sulphur – Jill Widner
Maps of Reconciliation – Literature and the Ethical Imagination, ed. Frank Stewart & Barry Lopez, Manoa – Vinita Ramani Mohan
Beyond National Egoism: the Road to a Nation for International Peace and the Environment, Shohei Nomura – Kimberly Hughes
Field of Spears: the Last Mission of the Jordan Crew, Gregory Hadley – Ken Rodgers
An American in Korea: Two Decades of Photography, by Drayton S. Hamilton – Robert J. Fouser
Money, Sex, War, Karma: Notes for a Buddhist Revolution, David R. Loy – David Cozy
Japanese Iraq War Documentaries – Anastasia Fedorova
Tengu, written & directed by Roger Walch – Susan Pavlovska
Japanese Constitution Cinema – Akamoto Mariko
Making Forest of Bliss: Intention, Circumstance and Chance in Nonfiction Film, Robert Gardner & Akos Oster – Christal Whelan


On Contentment — Robert Brady

published June 10, 2009


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