Kyoto Journal Issue 40



The African-American Experience in Japan
My Year of Meat: Fiction by Ruth Ozeki
American Militarism and the Law of Nature
Letters from Kashmir’s resistance

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Reel Life & Real Life – Stewart Wachs interviews filmmaker Regge Life
My Year of Meat – Ruth L. Ozeki
America’s “Japan”: 1853-1952 The Japan America invented – Thom Burns
American Militarism and the Law of Nature: The path to transcending a basic misunderstanding – Philip Grant
Invitation to an Arms Race: Japan, military satellites, and missile defense – Richard Tanter
50 Years of Sacrifice for the Freedom of Kashmir – Kathy Arlyn Sokol and W. David Kubiak
Letters From Kashmir’s Resistance: Fundamental Thinking – Amjad R. Mian
Unreal City – Photographs and commentary by Gabriele(“Kash”)Torsello
See How the Waters Flow: Kashmiryat and the Interdependant Case for Kashmiri Reunification – Manzood Dar
Objective Knowledge, Subjective Pain: Kashmir Asks for Refuge in the Global Village– Azam Inquilabi (patron/founder of Mahaz-Azadi Independence Front) 
Keys to Peace, Paths to Light – Yasin Malik (leader of Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front)
Tyranny Knocking – Shabir Ahmad Shah (leader of the Jammu & Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party
Afghanistan 1992 and 1997: On the disempowerment of women – Photographs by Edward Grazda


Iron and Flint – Robert Brady
Yakushima – Bruce Allen explores the ancient forests of Japan’s World Heritage island

Seven thousand years of life. Perhaps this being was here before the island was inhabited by humans. Until its recent discovery — for ninety-nine percent of its life — it remained unseen by them. What ages have passed in such a life? Typhoons, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Comets, climatic changes, fluctuations of ozone and oxygen. Buddha, Christ and Mohammed. Loggers, and now tourists.

Goldfish Threads – Mark Willis

Billy shook his hand free, laid the jacket across his lap, and took up the menu. Just as he’d feared it was printed all in Japanese, all except two lines scrawled in childish letters that read, “WELLCOME THE PUB AFRICA! Listen the MUSIC, Play the GAME, Feel the BEET.” He held up the menu as if to study it in a better light, scrutinizing the blocks and squiggles like a translator of hieroglyphics.

The Flower Path – Arthur Sze
Philosophizing in the Void:
Cesspool Meditation – Morgan Gibson



Pornography: The Production and Consumption of Inequality, by Gail Dinnes, Robert Jensen, and Ann Russo — Rick Mercier
365 Views of Mt Fuji: Algorithms of the Floating World, by Todd Shimoda — David Cozy
Shobogenzo: Uji: Deing-Time, by Dogen Zenji, trans. and annotated by Eido Shimano Roshi & Charles Vacher — Preston L. Houser
Zen & the Brain, by James H. Ausin, M.D. — David Rothenberg

Cover Image: Still from documentary “Doubles” by Regge Life
106 pp
published May 1, 1999


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