Kyoto Journal Issue 47



Yosa Buson: Haiku Master
Slow is Beautiful: Keibo Oiwa on the virtues of being a
Being American Asian
Asymmetry, Writing and the Mind
Seeing Through the Window: the photography of Thomas Merton

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Moving Mountains, Sowing Seeds: Jerome Hutin –Catherine Whyte
Up the River – Aaron Paulson
The Down-Home Hospitality of Hateruma – Mark Willis We’d made a mistake.
Being American Asian – Rachel Wolff
The Fire Walkers: Hiroshima to Big Mountain, New Mexico – Nabesse Pishum

Slow is Beautiful: Keibo Oiwa on the virtues of being a sloth – Sally McLaren
Demons, Misinformation and Kimochi: Alex Kerr – Catherine Pawasarat
Seeing Through the Window: the photography of Thomas Merton– Roy Hamric
Travelling Through a Painting – Leanne Ogasawara
Asymmetry, Writing and the Mind – Andy Couturier
Japanese Tattoo – Dustin Leavitt

Blues and Greens, poems from a Seattle fruit and veg market diary – Alan Chong Lau
Gathering Shards – Eugene Tarshis
Kyoto Waters – Marc Peter Keane
Yosa Buson: Haiku Master – Edward McFadden
Shakespeare at the Globe Tokyo –Annie Bilton

Hemingway’s Daughter (An extract)– David Cozy

Ripples – on flooding ricefields and handing down of local legend – Robert Brady

Philosophizing in the Void 11: Taliban Bodhisattvas – Morgan Gibson

The Zen Works of Stonehouse, by Trans. Red Pine — Preston L. Houser
Soul Mountain, by Gao Xinjiang, Trans. Mabel Lee — Stephen Cooley
Bodies of Memory: Narratives of War in Postwar Japanese Culture, by Yoshikuni Igarashi — William Corr
China in the Tokugawa World, by Marius B. Jantzen — Edward Zuk
The Other Japan , by David Suzuki & Keibo Oiwa — Preston Houser

The Japanese Way of the Flower, by H.E. Davey & Ann Kameoka — Preston Houser
The Zuni Enigma: A native American People’s Possible Japanese Connection, by Nancy Yaw Davis — Lauren W. Deutsch
Song of the Snow Lion: Recent Fiction, Poetry & Essays from Tibet (Manoa) Ed. Frank Stewart — Lauren W. Deutsch


Published August 30, 2001
106 pages


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